About The Great Garage

HiKo: The Blogger

I'm HiKo. Visit my homepage for details and find me on social networks.


The whole domain is on CloudFlare CDN with SSL :-). Also, new posts are generate from Notion. (2023.03)

I begin to use blog.hgao.net as the domain of the blog, and hgao.net is used to introduce myself. (2016.04)

It's less than a month since I updated the secion last time, but yes, I migrate the site to DigitalOcean. I'd very much appreciate it if you could click the ref link. The blog is generated by Hugo now, instead of Jekyll. (2016.01)

The website came online in June, 2015. At first it was just a blog generated by Jekyll, but now I'll put other widgets here. The site is hosted on GitHub. Thanks to my friend gaocegege, who told me such a cool way of deploying a static site. (2016.01)


The idea of The Great Garage comes from a Japanese word - Kaku Nō Kō (かくのう), which is often used in my favorite game Super Robot Wars (SRW). All robots are stored, fixed, and updated in Kaku Nō Kō, and I hope this site will be a Kaku Nō Kō of enjoyable, memorable and helpful things.

As for myself, HiKo is an experimental alias used to hide my real name. It helps me to experience an annoymous online life for now. It's origin is the abbreviation and the Japanese pronunciation of my Chinese name. I don't think it interesting.

The Blog

Previously I write mainly about technology and programming, but actually more articles about my hobbies, thinking and daily trivia now.

I may not update solutions to LeetCode because it's not very efficient to post codes here. They will be maintained on my GitHub.

I write both in Chinese and English. (Mainly in Chinese now - 2016.8)


Migrate the site from Jekyll to Hugo, from GitHub Pages to DigitalOcean (a painful conversion). It uses skeleton CSS framework and font-awesome icons. (2016.01)

A new theme has been used in the site. It is modified from Prologue designed by HTML5 UP. Maybe work badly under IE 9 and lower versions. (2016.01)

The theme of TGG is written by myself, but I borrowed many design styles from apple4us.com. Thank them. It's a fantastic site. TGG also uses elements of Bootstrap and Font Awesome. Thanks to them. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to modify the theme. It's far from perfect. (2015.06)