Recent Changes of The Great Garage 1

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Wish all my readers a happy new year!

I made a personal page for myself and put it under the root of I have considered to move the blog under, but it seems that I’ll lose all my links and comments (though only a few at all). Thus, the previous index page is moved under The new homepage uses prologue theme designed by HTML5 UP, which I think is more suitable for introducing myself at first glance. By saying “at first glance”, I mean I’ll modify it in the following days. In sum, The Great Garage is not only a blog, but also my representation now.

During the last six months, I did some practice on LeetCode. A large portion of my articles are about my solution to them, which I don’t think worth reading, to be honest. Now I archived them together under collection, so each problem can be easily found either by the ID or their titles, and these articles won’t appear in the timeline. I also make a collection of my book reviews in another collection. Here you (and I) can clearly see the metadata and my rate of the books. Thanks to Jekyll, I can add customized metadata to every post, such as problem number, author or my rate. It enables me to extract information from them and demonstrate on the collection page.

Recently, my ClustrMaps always shows on the bottom of the page, disregarding the display:none sentence in the tag. Now I removed it. But I’m still wondering what’s the proper way to embed these analytical tools. Visits of every pages should be recorded, but I just want the map to show on About page. Is it correct to hide the map on other pages?

The last thing is, some of comments are lost and I’ll try to find them back on Disqus.