Google Chromecast VS Amazon Fire TV, And Echo Dot

· Tech

I haven’t written blog since the end of last year, which is a really long period of time with many stories happend. Nor have I read any books, if I remember correctly, and that’s another story. The fact is, I moved to Bay Area last month together with Miss Gui, and started our career at respective companies.

A new home should have a new TV, so here appears a TV. It’s a FHD 49-inch Insignia TV with only 200 bucks. I can’t tell the details of color display. I know it’s good enough for me, though. The TV is dumb (not smart), so in the first a few days, I had to connect the TV to a laptop to play videos on it. You know, it was far from the best solution. What I want is to insert a tool in the TV, and control it to play YouTube videos with my phone. Basically, I have the three possible solutions. Apple TV works best with my Macbook Pro and iPhone, but it’s way more pricer than other two competitors. Fire TV has a remote, and looks like it can satisfy my requirements. Chromecast is the cheapest one (20 bucks), and is totally controlled by Phone, which is also good to me. Therefore, I choosed Chromecast as my first smart TV device.